Roundup QuikPRO® Herbicide


  • Trim & Edge

    Rate: 1.5 ounces per gallon of water

    Roundup QuikPRO® herbicide goes where mechanical trimmers can’t, so use it:

    • Along Fence Lines

    • On Sidewalk Edges/Cracks

    • Along Curbsides

    • Around Buildings

    • Around Signs

    • Throughout Parking Lots

    • Around Traffic Lights

    • Under Bleachers in Parks

    • Around Shelters

    • Around Light Posts

    • Around Playgrounds

    • Around Fire Hydrants

  • Shrubs and Flower Beds

    Rate: 1.5 ounces per gallon of water

    Hand weeding takes time. String trimming disturbs the mulch layer. Neither consistently gets the roots. Roundup QuikPRO® kills the roots, reduces time-consuming callbacks and provides a professional, trimmed look.

  • Brush and Vines

    Rate: 1.5 ounces per gallon of water for spray-to-wet treatment; 4 to 8 ounces per gallon of water for low-volume treatment

    Mechanical removal of brush often encourages regrowth. Brush often comes back even denser and thicker than before. Roundup QuikPRO® gives you a big advantage over mechanical methods by killing the whole plant – roots and all. Re-treatment may be required on larger plants.

  • Tree Rings

    Rate: 1.5 ounces per gallon of water

    Tree rings help young ornamental trees grow and enhance their appearance. When you use Roundup QuikPRO® to eliminate the weeds that grow around the tree trunk, the young tree has less competition for food or water. University trials show that trunk circumferences in treated plots increased an average of 144% over trunks in untreated plots. In addition, the use of string trimmers around trees can remove bark and open the tree to attack from insects and disease.

  • Weed Control In Dormant Bermudagrass and Bahiagrass Turf

    Rate: 5 to 16 ounces per acre

    Treatments in excess of 9 ounces per acre may result in injury or delayed greenup in highly maintained areas. Roundup QuikPRO® may be used to control or suppress many winter annual weeds and tall fescue for effective release of dormant Bermuda and Bahiagrass turf. Treat only when turf is dormant and prior to spring greenup. Not for use in seed and seed production.

  • Mixing and Spraying in a Backpack or Hand-Held Sprayer

    • QuikPRO Herbicide may be applied through most standard sprayers after dissolution with water.
    • Use water from a clean source, such as city water or a well.
    • No additional surfactant is needed or recommended with QuikPRO Herbicide
    • For control of labeled perennial weeds, mix 1.5 oz. of QuikPRO Herbicide per gallon of water.
    • Agitate solution so that product is completely dissolved before spraying.
    • Confirm a thorough coverage of the targeted plants. Apply on a spray-to-wet basis. Spray coverage should be uniform and complete. Do not spray to the point of runoff.
    • For best results, mix and spray QuikPRO Herbicide in the same day. Do not allow the spray solution to sit overnight as this may reduce the fast burndown activity.