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Roundup® brand IT&O herbicides deliver value for your herbicide dollar beyond just the price per jug. For nearly 40 years, Roundup® brand IT&O herbicides have delivered quality, performance, and product support that are still unmatched by any generic supplier. Look beyond price and choose a Monsanto branded herbicide product that gives you more than just another jug of cheap weed killer.

PRODUCT Roundup QuikPRO® Roundup PROMAX® Roundup PRO Concentrate® Roundup® Custom Generic
Made in the USAlightbluearrow check check check check
Fast Visible Resultslightbluearrow 24-48 hrs 3-7 days 7-14 days 7-14 days check
Performance Guaranteelightbluearrow check check check
Monsanto Quality Pledgelightbluearrow check check check check check
Rainfast Warrantylightbluearrow 1 hour 30 min 1 hour check
24-Hour Hotline Supportlightbluearrow check check check
Technical, Toxicology and Human Health Supportlightbluearrow check check check check check
Regulatory, Environmental and Public Affairs Supportlightbluearrow check check check check check
Local Training and Supportlightbluearrow check check check
True Blue Rewardslightbluearrow check check check check
  • The blue jug and True Blue Advantage logo help distinguish our high quality Roundup® IT&O brand herbicides on the shelf and guide you to the herbicides you’ve known and trusted to deliver great performance and product support after purchase.
  • The industrial, turf and ornamental industry is vital to beautifying and protecting our communities and waterways, keeping the power on, and protecting our forests and renewable natural resources. Government and private vegetation managers operate in an increasingly complex arena under an expanding array of regulatory bodies, laws and public scrutiny.
  • Monsanto continues to work to educate our customers and protect your freedom to operate and apply pesticides both safely and effectively. We have the most experienced team of experts on our branded herbicides in the business. The Monsanto’s IT&O Stewardship team is available to provide 24-hr support when and if you need it. We have the support staff for our branded products.
  • Monsanto performs extensive research on each herbicide formulation they develop. It takes years of testing to introduce new products that live up to Monsanto’s standards. That’s why Monsanto can offer with confidence a performance guarantee, quality pledge and rainfast warranty on Roundup QuikPRO® and Roundup PROMAX® that is unmatched in the industry. Of course if you don’t want the peace of mind that comes with the purchase of a premium brand, Monsanto has other quality products that carry the Roundup brand, but with lower levels of support.
  • Our authorized network of Monsanto retail distributors work with us to provide local support, labels, MSDS, literature, CEU training and on-site recommendations.
  • Go to for more information, labels, MSDS and who to contact.